Friday, July 2, 2010

i'm return

Since last year, i stop from write in this blog. it been a long time.. but now, i guess this can help me a bit to release out my few problem.. it is about the people around me.. i feel bad because i not done my duty as a muslim to the other muslim and people, to convey the truth about the way of life and something that Allah command..i am scare at the here after when Allah ask me did i done my duty when i am still alive, i am very scare to think about that.. and if they are someone i know, i fell more guilty.... and i thought that i am a coward, who has no strange to do compulsory thing.. when i think about my friend that has been died a few month pasted , it remind me that the death is something that no one would know when until the the time come, in that time we couldn't do anything to longer it or fast it ...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


One of the major reasons why people feel a profound sense of attachment for life and cast religion aside is the assumption that life is eternal. Forgetting that death is likely to put an end to this life at any moment, man simply believes that he can enjoy a perfect and happy life. Yet, he evidently deceives himself. The world is a temporary place specially created by Allah to test man. That is why it is inherently flawed and far from satisfying man’s endless needs and desires. Every attraction existing in the world eventually wears out, becomes corrupt, decays and finally disappears. This is the never-changing reality of life. This book explains this essential nature of life and leads man to ponder the real place to which he belongs, namely the Hereafter.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Last weekend, i went to Bachok for attend the camp from Hep. Objective of the program is for develop the leadership qualities of the the KTD student.and who mas be chosen must join it. first time i got the invitation i did't want to go but because i want to study that weekend then because of it is obligate.. then i go.. I 'm tried to sincere myself because i did't want what i done is futile. That is Allah selection and there have a reason why i'm chosen.. for three days and two night, we got something new that we never aware about that.. Nowadays, Muslim teenager must faster to be matured because Islam lack of the leader to rise back the civilization of Islam and take a total of Islamic rules. To be a leader is not so easy. However, we must to train ourself because all Muslim responsible what was happen to most of Islamic country nowadays.. now Islam is very weak..Let bring back Islam..

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Assalamualaikum ( peace be upon you ). I'm Siti Mardhiah Bt Ismail.
I'm 18 years old.

I from penang island but now i'm stay at Darulnaim College of Technology. This blog is my english assingment and my first blog,of course i don't have any experience about this so i hope you all will help me to make the best.Thank you.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The poison is injected

The giant is asleep

he’s chain into sections,To keep him off his feet

The mission is forgotten

The bond is getting weak,Wake up oh Muslim Ummah

Before we face the heat

Telling me to calm downA year has past since the last song

Situation has worsenIt was Kosovo and Kashmir

Now it’s Chechnia and Dagistan

So who is next in line Governments who claim,

They implementing Islamlike who??!

Like Taliban, Iran and Sudan..

All 52 So called Muslim nationsOppressing the masses in the name of Islam

They are digging our graveswhile we are a sleep over a billion

But oohh so weak,We need to rise up, And get back on our feet

We’ve been fooled too long

This what happens When we let kafirs lead

Why are we losing?

Who are we amusing?

sisters are leaving because brothers are abusing

twisting Islam’s teachings mixing culture

and pride using Islam to justify for the tears that she cries when I look into her eyes

I see the pain deep inside as she leaves and says good bye

now tell me who’s to blame don't just sit there in shame

lets look to Islam to cure the pain to all my sisters in pain

these oppressors are insane

they’re heading straight to the hell fires flame

The poison is injected

The giant is asleep

He’s chain into sections

To keep him off his feet

The mission is forgotten

The bond is getting weak

Wake up oh Muslim Ummah

Before we face the heat

Imitating the kafirsFlirting with disaster

Even our sheiks and Imams

Are dressed up like priests and pastors

Khatibs wearing long robes

Historical clothes

More puppets than puppet show

Leaving us with no solution after their speech

Dawah based on prestige

Watch as they leach off the Muslim Community

What ever happened to this Ummah’s unityNOTHING!Excatly

They’re laughing!Because they are acting

They cut the tonguesOf those who speak the truth

Fearing that their message

Will be passed on to the youth

You say its hard to believe

Before you nod your head THINK!

If our Scholars spoke the truth

Why would our enemies

Give them the platform to speak

The giant is in a slumber

Islam is complete yet

the Ummah looks up to democracy for its needs

Defeated mentality, Left us in a gutter

The giant used to Take care of the world

Now asks the kafirs to usherRemember the battle of Bader

They doubted us from the start

Muslims had Islam in their minds and their heartsthey

know they fear usinjecting poisons venomso

they tear us a partthis is just a reminder

take it straight to the heartlet us get back in the leadshake

the giant to wakeflourish and rejuvenate implement only

Islam to revive and renovate

The poison is injected

The giant is asleep

He’s chain into sections, To keep him off his feet

The mission is forgotten

The bond is getting weak

Wake up oh Muslim Ummah

Before we face the heat

Brothers killing brothers

While the kafirs getting richer

Muslim blood on my fingers

Tell me what’s wrong with this picture these organizations

Making no difference

They’re making dollars no sense,In their lack of assistance

Muslims enlisted in the enemy’s cavalry

Firing at our own people

Muslims to Muslim fatality

On the battle scene

Surrounded by our own casualties

Under siege,By these corrupted regimes

Blood to our knees

While the great giant sleeps

Whose law are you following? Which side are you on?

Our brothers shed blood for the cause of the kufar they show us “Three Kings”

when we saw them stealing they play as heroes

when we know they are zeros playing with our minds

trying to use us as a pawn this is our situation

not just a sad song let us

Rise the Ummah and follow the Sunnah

to Bring Back Islam implement the Quran

awake this sleeping giant that’s stronger than a lion

to chain up the shaitan victory is promised so work for Islam

and keep your Deen strong

we've waited too long

From here to Mecca


Let us Rise The Ummah!

Let us Rise The Ummah!

Let us Rise The Ummah!

The poison is injected

The giant is asleep

He’s chain into sections

To keep him off his feet

The mission is forgotten

The bond is getting weak

Wake up oh Muslim Ummah

Before we face the heat