Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Last weekend, i went to Bachok for attend the camp from Hep. Objective of the program is for develop the leadership qualities of the the KTD student.and who mas be chosen must join it. first time i got the invitation i did't want to go but because i want to study that weekend then because of it is obligate.. then i go.. I 'm tried to sincere myself because i did't want what i done is futile. That is Allah selection and there have a reason why i'm chosen.. for three days and two night, we got something new that we never aware about that.. Nowadays, Muslim teenager must faster to be matured because Islam lack of the leader to rise back the civilization of Islam and take a total of Islamic rules. To be a leader is not so easy. However, we must to train ourself because all Muslim responsible what was happen to most of Islamic country nowadays.. now Islam is very weak..Let bring back Islam..

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  1. alhamdulillah..
    hope u obtained something valuable for your life..and the Hereafter.
    insyaAllah =]