Friday, July 2, 2010

i'm return

Since last year, i stop from write in this blog. it been a long time.. but now, i guess this can help me a bit to release out my few problem.. it is about the people around me.. i feel bad because i not done my duty as a muslim to the other muslim and people, to convey the truth about the way of life and something that Allah command..i am scare at the here after when Allah ask me did i done my duty when i am still alive, i am very scare to think about that.. and if they are someone i know, i fell more guilty.... and i thought that i am a coward, who has no strange to do compulsory thing.. when i think about my friend that has been died a few month pasted , it remind me that the death is something that no one would know when until the the time come, in that time we couldn't do anything to longer it or fast it ...

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  1. Alhamdulillah...finally you update this blog, it's been a long time...
    keep writing and spread the truth,mar..
    may Allah bless you.hehe ^_^